Buy 2 or more products and receive 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!
Buy 2 or more products and receive 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!
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Ostomy Care


We are thrilled to be able to offer solutions for ostomy leaks!

We have 2 options available to you:

Our Soaker Stopper, size 1 and size 2:


Ostomy Wrap is now available!!!

Check them both out and see what you think would work best for you.
"My son was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis and Post Urethral Valves along with Reflux of the kidneys at two weeks of age.
When he was just six weeks old he underwent a surgery to try and correct the reflux of the kidney and reduce his risk of infection. The surgery went well and it was a waiting game for the next few months to see if the surgery was a success or not. After a follow-up appointment with his urologist, we got the devastating news that the first surgery was unsuccessful and that he would need another operation called that would leave him with a Vestiocstomy. ( A small opening in the stomach that is a direct output from the bladder)
After talking with his urologist and determining that this was his only chance to save his kidneys and his bladder from further damage, we set the surgery date. At 6 months of age he underwent a second surgery to perform the Vesticostomy. After a pretty lengthy surgery we got the word that he came through fine and that it was a success.
We decided that we needed to find a way to manage having the opening in his tummy a little easier for us so we got on the internet and found a product called “Soaker Stopper”. This product has allowed my son to live a somewhat normal childhood. It helps him to not leak through his clothing as he would without it. He doesn’t get picked on for wearing it because it is discrete enough under his clothing that no one sees it unless he shows them. The material is soft and comfortable and the vibrant colors make it fun for him to choose one for the day.
We have been using this product for two and a half years. My son is now three years old and is still wearing them daily. I would definitely recommend “Soaker Stopper” products to anyone who’s child may be dealing with the same issues as my child. I know they have made a huge impact on our life and the company is very friendly and reliable."